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I hope that you have had a chance to stop by my online book club at www.graciehill.ning.com – We have a great time discussing books, religion, politics, relationships, and other hot topics. We meet every Monday from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. There is plenty of other content offered at the book club for you to enjoy. You will find suggestions for the next book you will want to read, inspiring quotes, online discussion topics that you can participate in, Bloggers, a writing group for aspiring authors and poets, a community of readers that you will want to get to know and more. I am often running some type of fun contest for you to enjoy and win prizes. Stop by and check it out.


It’s 2010 and my words of wisdom for the year is Pray About It. Everything that I see out there in the world that is just crazy, I am going to just Pray About It. So all the fine Brothas out there walking around with their pants hanging down off their butts, and their walking wide legged to keep them from falling down; know that I’m praying about.

 Jump in the conversation and share your real feelings. Darcel James, the successful, fine sistah in “Where The Brothers At?” struggled with whether an interracial relationship was for her or not. That is a real life situation that people find themselves in every day. Do you follow your heart and disregard the color of his skin.

Often times we see professional athletes, superstars cross the line and date on the otherside. But Obama didn’t do it! He chose an intelligent, attractive Black woman to build a life with and to help him carve out his destiny in life which took him right to the  “Black” White House. Now we have a high powered and very visable Black family living the White House. Now that’s a statement for the history books. Tell me your real feelings.

Are you willing to date outside of your race? And what do you see as the benefits and challanges to that?

S of Heart Cover smallLet’s start out the New Year reading a book each month. Sorrows of the Heart is a great book for you to start with. 

Malcolm Johnson is a man with a good heart who is willing to do what ever it takes to be his brother’s keeper. He’s also a dedicated playboy who has no plans to give his time or heart to any one woman. But the unexpected beautiful and sexy woman in the red dress, Somara Hughes, will make him change his mind. Ava Jones is seductive and determined to find her way into Malcolm’s life and his heart. The fact that he is already involved with Somara won’t stop her.

Malcolm finds himself on a winding road of confrontations, affairs of the heart, and sorrows that land him in a place he never thought he would be. A triangle love affair, his desire to be a father, and his determination to protect his family, will drive him to the point of revenge that will cost somebody’s life.

kit bea Front smThanks to all of you that read my first two books. You are such a blessing to me. I hope that you will order your copy of The Kitchen Beautician which is my January 2010 release. The Kitchen Beautician is a hilariously colorful look at life and the decisions that people make and how those decisions impact their lives. Woven in between the colorful look at life is a heart felt romance story that will reach out and tug at your heartstrings. The main character, Javon, is a man who owns a beauty shop that started in his kitchen. His shop is the most popular place in Atlanta for women to get their hair done. They not only go there to get their hair done but also to listen to his curling iron counseling. His up front and realistic look at life and his experiences allow him to give good advice and he doesn’t hold back anything. He struggles with his sexuality since he was molested as a child. He has a strong church background and wants to break away from the lifestyle, which he was forced into at an innocent young age. A woman in his past comes to the forefront of his life and challenges to him to decide who he really is.

I appreciate all of you purchasing and reading “Where The Brothers At?” Please share your feedback on the book with me. Darcel is an intelligent and fine sistah that’s got it going on. She’s looking for Mr. Right, but like most of you know, that can be a real challange. To read the feedback from folks that have already read the book, click below on comments – Thanks for your support!

Front_Cover smHey Ladies! I know someone is out there looking for the fine chocolate Brotha that will rock your world in 2010. You know, one that will make sure you see stars when he kisses you, and he leaves your skin sizzling with passion. Order your copy of Where The Brothers At? You will feel alive in every church scene and every love scene. Darcel James searches for what is needed to fill the void in her life. Is it the dark chocolate man from Africia that is pursuing her? Is it God? Is it the fine White Chief Financial Officer in her Law Firm? Is it the secret sin in her life that she has kept hidden for years that will fill her life in a way she doesn’t expect? Order your copy and find out!